Internationale studentenadviesraad

Geschreven door SAB,  Liliana and Aysun

On September 14th the Student Advisory Board (hereafter: SAB) had the honor to come together and officially meet. The encounter was pleasant and fruitful as we got to know each other more and share the story of our journeys in the Netherlands as international students. The National Commission (hereafter: NC) was also present and we had the opportunity to have lunch together. In this lovely afternoon the SAB was made aware of the goals and objectives of the NC, and how the need for the creation of a student advisory board emerged. We left this meeting excited and energized as we were eager to brainstorm SAB’s goals, structure, and objectives. Luckily, we got the chance to do that during our second meeting in November. Together in this meeting we drafted SAB’s regulations and expectations; we elected a chair and we set the long-term and the short-term goals. Hopefully, in the beginning of 2023 we can share our first goal with you, which is to create social media presence through platforms such as Instagram and LinkedIn. For now, SAB meets officially four times a year and one of those meetings will be with the NC, however as the members of the board want to stay in close contact, in the future we plan to meet monthly.