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Student advisory board

The Code of Conduct (CoC) was created with the primary aim of shaping the relationship between international students and higher educational institutions. It provides a set of guidelines and principles that aim to ensure that international students are treated fairly and with respect during their time in higher education in the Netherlands.

The establishment of the International Student Advisory Board is a significant stride in this direction as it furnishes a platform for international students to voice their concerns and offer recommendations, thereby ensuring that the Code of Conduct is implemented in a manner that benefits all parties. Moreover, the Board also works towards increasing awareness of the Code of Conduct among international students, ensuring that they understand their rights as members of the higher education community. Through these efforts, the Board helps to foster a more inclusive environment for international students in higher education.

For this purpose, this page is devoted to the International Student Advisory Board. The page will be used to inform international students of the work of the Board, provide updates on its activities, and encourage international students to engage with the Board and share their views and experiences. International students will also be able to learn about the Board’s role in shaping policy and advocating for the rights of international students. By working together, the Board, the National Commission, and international students can ensure that the Code of Conduct is implemented in a way that reflects the needs and perspectives of all members of the higher education community.

The foundation for an international student advisory board has been laid in the 2022 version of the Code of Conduct. The members of the international student advisory board have started on 1 September 2022 and read down below a bit about each of them. The general e-mail address of the board is:

Aysun Hasan

Hello, everyone!

My name is Aysun, a 21-year-old student from Bulgaria. Currently, I’m in my third year at Tilburg University, pursuing a BSc in Human Resource Studies: People Management.

More about me:

  • I am multilingual, fluent in Bulgarian, English, and Turkish. I had the opportunity to learn German and Russian for four years each in my time in school. Additionally, I am currently learning Dutch (A2) to further expand my language skills.
  • In my free time, I love travelling and photographing the places I visit. Exploring new places and capturing their beauty through my lens brings me happiness. I also enjoy reading self-help books, as they provide insights for personal growth. Nature walks are another favorite activity of mine, as they allow me to unwind.
  • Dancing and singing are two forms of artistic expression that I hold dear to my heart. I participated in numerous folk dance competitions in Bulgaria and was a member of a choir for four years.

My motivation:

My strong desire to challenge the status quo and improve existing systems led me to join STIMULUS, a student fraction representing all students at the Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences. My role there: Recruiter & Coordinator of the International Advisory Group (IAG) gave me an opportunity to represent all TSB students and to make sure their voices are heard. This is where I found out about SAB as well! With my involvement now, I aim to contribute to the development of the CoC so that all parties’ interests are taken into account, especially the international students’. I bring a critical mindset, willingness and determination to find ways for betterment. Given my focus on internalization, I believe I will be an excellent fit for the SAB board.

If you would like to connect, you can check out my LinkedIn -> click here. I’m excited about the opportunity to collaborate with individuals who share similar interests.”

Fernando Gabriel Garcia Teruel
27 years old. Born and raised in Puebla, Mexico, in the middle of a Mexican-Lebanese family, I am the youngest of four siblings. Growing up in such an environment with three close examples and guides, showed me from a very young age how diverse, subjective, and even contradictory, the world can be. An artistic mother and a public servant father just added to my wide variety of interests and passions with a clear humanistic approach. Of these interests, I can remark arts, science, and especially, philosophy.

With some hesitation, I decided to take a practical decision and study for a bachelor’s in Industrial Engineering allowing me to develop my artistic, social, and philosophical passions on the side of my studies. At the same time, I had the opportunity to work in the textile and agricultural sector while contributing to different non-profit organisations of which, taking part in the board of education of my former school made me realise the need and importance of constant evolution in the education system.

After my bachelor’s studies, the drive to contribute to the climate crisis we are living in brought me to the Netherlands to study for an MSc. in Biosystems Engineering at Wageningen University and Research. Here I had the opportunity to join the Student Council for a year and develop my passion for education even further. All these experiences motivated me to apply for the Student Advisory Board reaffirming my commitment to the improvement of education, a process I am convinced is only possible through the sum of all perspectives, including the most different ones.

Liliana Almeida

Hello! My name is Liliana Almeida, and I am in my 4th year of European Studies at The Hague University of Applied Sciences (THUAS). I am originally from Cape Verde, and I have been living in the beautiful city of The Hague for 5 years. I chose to come to The Netherlands because of the international and multicultural crowd, and the many English-speaking programs offered in higher education. As soon as I became a student at THUAS I was eager to participate in as many associations and extra-curricular activities as possible. For me, it is important to immerse yourself completely in the opportunities that come when you choose to study abroad.

After the first year, I got to know other international students and I noticed that their struggles were recurring. Due to the nature of my studies, I have learned in-depth how important representation is, so I decided to become the voice of all these international students at THUAS. From being a class representative to being elected to General Council, I always did my best to voice the issues that many international students were going through. My goal has been to make the experiences of future international students at THUAS more pleasant and less stressful by giving suggestions and advice to managers and directors of my university. The same motivation led me to apply to the Student Advisory Board (SAB) at the National Commission for the Code of Conduct for International Students in Higher Education (CoC). The membership at SAB means helping international students and institutions on a larger scale. It means that I can ensure that the CoC is drafted with the best interest of the students in mind; That all the correct information is provided timely to the students etc. Tasks that bring me great joy to do. I am looking forward to learning and sharing knowledge with SAB, and I cannot wait to meet, work, and do great things with the rest of the team.

Mitchelle Muchuchuti

Hi! My name is Mitchelle Muchuchuti, an international student from Zimbabwe. I am studying my Masters at Saxion University of Applied Sciences in the small city, of Enschede. I am interested in various topics in the Education sector with a focus on change management, internationalization, wellbeing, professional development, and more. That is why I was not only the Vice-chairman of the Academieraad for my Bachelor Study Programme, but I was also a Centrale Medezeggenschapsraad Student Member, a Student Assistant at the International Office, an Honours student, was a member of the Internal and External Audit for my Study Programme, made a proposal on Mental Health, which was shared with the NPO and did my thesis focusing on ‘Current International Student Wellbeing’ across all three campuses at Saxion.

The reasons why I was motivated to apply for a membership to the SAB were mainly two things; to be the voice for students especially if it is for the betterment of both the student, lecturer and the university and to grow, learn and develop more in the educational sector.

To some this may be a very ambitious person but “a jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.” Therefore, I always say to others ‘’do what you love but make sure to take your mind with you’’, your heart will drive your passion and steer your motivation; whilst your mind will help you make clear and realistic decisions on the route to take, on the way. Furthermore, I strongly believe, that what has made me this far is the endless support from my family and friends, which has helped me stay grounded. As my parents always say, “it does not matter how fast or how long it will take you to complete the race, keep running.”

Patryk Jarmakowicz

Hi, I am Patryk Jarmakowicz, 23, an Erasmus University student from Poland, founder of the student party Aeffix, which I represent in the Erasmus University Council. Student participation and representation are very important for me, especially of the groups of students that are underrepresented in participatory bodies and therefore rarely heard. One of this groups, which I am also part of myself, is international students. All the decisions that are taken about students in the Netherlands, directly or indirectly affect us, but because we are not Dutch citizens, we are rarely consulted and therefore our voices are not heard. By being part of the SAB, I want to at least bring my multi-year experience of both an international student and a participatory body member to the table. Please do not hesitate to contact me at

Rauf Mahmud-Zada

Greetings everyone, my name is Rauf, I am from Azerbaijan, Baku. I study Communication Science at HAN university of applied sciences.

The main reason that motivates me to be in the Student Advisory Board (SAB) is a desire to assist students with being comfortable and welcomed in the Dutch educational system. Likewise, I strive to raise and spread awareness about the rights that both Dutch and international students have while studying at the Netherlands. Last but not least, SAB strives to increase the quality of Dutch Higher Education System by influencing the regulations and policies regarding the Code of Conduct.

Sumneet Kaur

Hello everyone, My name is Sumneet Kaur and I am 20 years old. I am a Bachelors student at Tilburg University and I study Economics. I do my best to be an active student to grab personal and professional learning opportunities and help peers by addressing their concerns to the possible extent. I am an active member of the student party FRONT and ESN. I really enjoy helping other students besides my study and contributing to making a difference. I am looking forward to being a part of the SAB and contribute in every way possible.

Miklós Papp

Hi everyone, my name is Miklós (21), I am from Hungary, and I study International Hospitality Management at NHL Stenden university of applied sciences. My goal to make international pupils feel at ease and accepted in the Dutch educational system drove me to apply for the Student Advisory Board (SAB). My main goal is to assist international students and raise awareness about their rights while studying in the Netherlands. Similarly, I expect that the SAB committee will do everything possible to improve internalization in Dutch institutions. We’re here to assist students!

Ato Mensah

Meet Ato, a vibrant student enrolled in the Communications program at HAN University of Applied Sciences.

Ato is an exceptional individual with a deep-seated passion for creativity and a natural inclination towards embracing challenges. Originating from Ghana in West Africa, Ato’s diverse background enriches his unique perspective, enabling him to continually push boundaries and foster a comprehensive environment for fellow students. With previous experience in student leadership and a media professional career, Ato is well-equipped to advocate for the varied interests of international students, ensuring their needs are met effectively.

Sarah Kuipers

My name is Sarah, and I come from a small city in Eastern Slovakia. I’m in my final year of International and European Law at The Hague University of Applied Sciences.

From the start, I’ve been on a mission to make a difference. My roles on the Faculty Council and the Legal Protection Desk have been pivotal in amplifying student voices. Additionally, my research endeavours have centred on enhancing student participation in university decision-making processes.

Currently, I’m absorbing real-world lessons as an intern at the International Mediation Institute and as a human rights researcher at an NGO, Broken Chalk. With my legal training and hands-on experience, I’m motivated and prepared to tackle the challenges that international students face in the Netherlands.