Brief update of the evaluation of the Code of Conduct Higher Education

In a previous publication of this newsletter, the National Commission updated you about the start of the evaluation of the Code of Conduct, its design and how the various parties involved in the Code of Conduct use the text. The Commission would like to inform you about the progress

In the past months, the text of the Code of Conduct has been evaluated and provisions that need changes were identified. In that context, you, in your capacity as a staff member of an educational institution, may have been approached by representatives of the NRTO, the Netherlands Association of Universities of Applied Sciences or the VSNU. The institutes not represented by one of the umbrella organisations have been contacted to give their input. Furthermore, the Commission’s office organised a session during one of the online Mobstacle meetings. The experiences, together with the Commission’s recent researches, contributed to a manageable list of subjects that at this moment will be detailed further by representatives of the umbrella organisations and the office of the Commission in text proposals for changes to the text of the Code of Conduct, see previous information.

The second part of the evaluation started in early May 2021. This part focuses on the performance, the relations and the roles of the Commission, its office, the registrar and the umbrella organisations, as well as the ministries of Education, Justice and Safety and the IND. This part too, aims at optimising the working of the Code of Conduct. Since the evaluation involves internal performance, an independent consultant was asked for advice. The consultant will have talks in the coming months for input to his advice. The outcomes of the advice will be included in the text of the Code of Conduct where possible.

This newsletter will be one of the channels to keep you informed. You will also be notified when the new version of the Code of Conduct has been adopted. If, in the meantime you have any questions or suggestions for the evaluation, please contact the responsible policy officer of your umbrella organisation or the Commission’s office.