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Besides handling complaints, the National Commission can initiate an investigation or inquiry concerning the compliance with the Code of Conduct. This possibility is inextricably linked with the task of the Commission to monitor the compliance of the educational institutions. Although the Commission is not an inspection office, the possibility to conduct research strengthens the self-regulation of the sector.

In recent years, the Commission has conducted research on issues such as the information about the quality of education aimed at international students, the websites of the institutions of higher education, the preparatory year and the provision of information to international students by e-mail.

The conclusions and results of the reports were discussed with the educational institutions which were subject of the investigation. The reports have led to clearer and more comprehensive information aimed at international students by the educational institution, but also to revisions of the text of the Code of Conduct. The Commission is pleased to hear that its reports have a positive and self-regulating effect, which links up perfectly to the aims of the Code of Conduct: to have the educational sector strengthen the quality of higher education.

The results of the National Commission’s investigations have been published on this website (only in Dutch).