only by appointment


Any party concerned, believing that a higher education institution has not acted in accordance with the Code of Conduct, can lodge a petition with the National Commission in writing. Prior to lodging a petition with the Commission, the petitioner first must submit the complaint to the competent authority of the higher education institution. The higher education institution has to ensure that an internal complaints procedure is available for complaints under the Code of Conduct. If the petitioner is of the opinion that the higher education institution has not settled the complaint properly, he may submit the reason for the complaint and the response received from the higher education institution to the National Commission.

If after hearing the arguments of both parties, the National Commission establishes that a higher education institution does not comply with the Code of Conduct, the Commission informs the higher education institution and the petitioner of its decision and any consequences of it. The Commission can take measures against and give recommendations to the institutions. The decisions of the National Commission will be published here.