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Follow up seminar Code of Conduct Higher Education

The previous newsletter contained the findings from the seminar organized on 10 October 2018 by the National Committee, in collaboration with KBS, LOShbo, NUFFIC, and the UAF. The seminar dealt with two main themes – the admissions policies of institutes of higher education for non-EEA students, and the support given to international students with regard […]

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Periodic survey about the provision of information and the use of social media

Every year, the Committee carries out a survey into the provision of information on websites of six selected institutes of education. It concerns the provision of information on the range of programmes and the accreditation of the teaching, the premises, the name of the institute, the internal complaints procedures, and the complaints procedure for international […]

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Rob Verhofstad introduces himself

In each newsletter, a Committee member introduces himself to the readers. This time, it is the turn of Rob Verhofstad. You may already know Rob as a member of the Executive Board of Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen, or perhaps you met him during the Higher Education Code of Conduct seminar. At the […]

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