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Meet the members of the international student advisory council!

The foundation for an international student advisory council has been laid in the 2022 version of the Code of Conduct. It has been a long-standing wish of the Commission to structurally involve international students in its work, but we were not sure how. Victor Rutgers recommended the establishment of an international student advisory council. The […]

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Exploring the cooperation with agents

A carefully designed recruitment and selection procedure using contracted agents will provide educational institutions with more clarity and certainty. This procedure is also in the interest of the international student, because a good and trustworthy agent will be able to provide potential students with the information they need to make a decision. Based on Rutgers’ […]

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The finish line is in sight! Evaluation of the Code of Conduct Higher Education

About a year and a half ago, the Commission and the various umbrella organizations commissioned an evaluation of the text of the Code of Conduct for Higher Education and the implications thereof, making grateful use of input and suggestions from the field. In addition, the functioning of the Commission, the registry administrator, the secretariat and […]

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