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Filing a complaint

When you are of the opinion that an institution is not acting in accordance with the Code of Conduct, you can file a complaint with the National Commission. If you are a student, you can lodge a complaint with the Commission. Educational institutions (or another organizations) can also file a complaint. Please use the following format when filing a complaint or petition. Filing a complaint with the National Commission is only possible when you have submitted the complaint to the institution first.

format complaint (in English)Microsoft-Word-2013-icon


Tips for filing a complaint with the National Commission: 

  1. Use the format for the complaint;
  2. Keep your complaint short: maximum three pages;
  3. Explain why you think the higher educational institution has violated one or more articles of the Code of Conduct;
  4. Be clear and precise about the situation: state the fact(s) with relevant date(s) and details;
  5. Conclude your complaint wiht a clear formulation of your expectations;
  6.  Attach copies of:
  • your residence permit;
  • documents which support your complaint;
  • the complaint you have sent to the higher educational instiution;
  • the decision or reaction you have received on your complaint from the educational institution.


Do you need more information? Watch the short video. In the video the complaint procedure is explained step by step and who, when and why a complaint can be lodged by the National Commission. The video is produced by three students of the Hanze Hogeschool Groningen.