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National Commission

By signing the Code of Conduct, the institutions of higher education oblige themselves to offer international students education of good quality. The institutions guarantee the quality of the information provision and education to these students. An independent National Commission is appointed to monitor the compliance of the institutions of higher education which have signed the Code. One way of effectuating this is to handle petitions that have been submitted based on the provisions of the Code of Conduct. Furthermore, the Commission may take the initiative to launch a research; this is inextricably linked to its capacity as a supervisor. The Commission can make recommendations and has the authority to take other measures. For more information about the National Commission, please see the annual reports, research reports and decisions on complaints. You can find these documents here.

Until 16 June 2021, J.E.J. van Bergen was chairman of the Commission. Since then, P.M.M. Rullmann is the new chairman of the Commission. Rullmann is a retired sociologist, but he still is active in higher education. He is a member of various committees and holds various board positions in the field of higher education. The umbrella organizations appoint the members and the substitute members. One of these members is appointed substitute chair. The National Commission has become a legal body by establishing a foundation.

The National Commission meets periodically and operates according to the provisions of the Code of Conduct and the Rules and Regulations.

To contact the National Commission please send an e-mail to: