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Decisions on complaints

When an international student is of the opinion that an educational institution has violated the provisions of the Code of Conduct, he or she may lodge a complaint with that institution. If the student is not satisfied with the outcome of the internal complaints procedure, the student may file a complaint with the National Commission. Other educational institutions may also file a complaint with the Commission, just like the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (Dutch: IND). Please find below the decisions that were translated into English. Not all decisions have been translated into English, please see the Dutch page for a complete list of decisions. If you have any questions about a Dutch decision, please contact us.


Institution Year
Decision former student – Hanze Hogeschool 2024
Decision prospective student – University of Twente 2021
Decision former student – Maastricht University 2021
Decision student – Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences 2021
Decision student – Zuyd University of Applied Sciences 2019
Decision DBA student – MSM 2019
Decision student – Tilburg University 2019
 Decision StatMind – MSM 2018
 Decision DBA student – MSM 2018
 Decision student – Vrije Universiteit 2017
 Decision Saxion – IND 2016
 Decision application – DSF 2015
 Decision complaint PhD-student-MSM 2014
 Decision complaint student – Hogeschool Rotterdam 2013
 Decision complaint student – UNESCO-IHE 2013
 Decision complaint student – MSM 2013 2013
 Decision complaint PhD-student – MSM 2012
 Decision complaint student I – Hanzehogeschool 2010
 Decision complaint student II – Hanzehogeschool 2010
 Decision complaint Phd-student – Wageningen 2009