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Information package language tests providers

Paragraph 5 of the new version of the Code of Conduct 2024 provides for the introduction of the Standard for Language Tests in the language overview of the Code of Conduct for Higher Education. With the introduction of this standard, the table containing language tests is removed from the body of the text of the Code of Conduct and instead included in a Language Test Appendix to the Code of Conduct. All of this required an amendment to the Code of Conduct. All three umbrella organizations and the National Commission have agreed to the proposal Code of Conduct 2024. This means the new version of the Code of Conduct, including the new standard, process description and language table came into force by the first of January 2024. From now on, it is possible to process applications from language test providers according to the Language Tests Standard Code of Conduct HE 2024.

In the documents below you can find all the necessary information:

  1. Code of Conduct HE 2024
  2. Language Test Appendix to the Code of Conduct Jan 2024
  3. Language Tests Standard Code of Conduct HE 2024
  4. Process description assessment of language tests 2024
  5. Step-by-step application procedure inclusion Language Test appendix to the Code of Conduct HE
  6. Application form language test appendix to the CoC HE


Please read the documents carefully, especially the step-by-step application procedure gives a clear overview of the procedure.

In case of differences in interpretation between the English and Dutch versions of the above documents, the original Dutch version shall prevail.

May 2024 – new post

Temporary adjustment new procedure language table

On 1 April 2024, the application period of the new procedure of the so-called language table closed. This new procedure is part of the updated Code of Conduct for International Students in Higher Education, which came into force on 1 January 2024. As of that date, the language table has been removed from the text of the Code of Conduct and placed in an ‘Appendix Language Tests Code of Conduct’. This annex will be updated annually.

Eight organisations (language test providers) indicated early this year their interest in being included in the table in accordance with the new procedure. Part of that procedure is a quality assessment based on the standard drawn up for that purpose by a validating authority. Most language test providers have chosen preferred supplier Hobéon as validating authority. If an organisation would like to be assessed by another validating authority, the organisation must submit this authority to the Assessment Committee for review. This committee assesses whether the nominated authority meets the conditions as laid down in the standard and process description.

Because the newly installed Assessment Committee in March was not yet sufficiently equipped to carry out the said task correctly, the possibility of nominating another authority lapsed at that time. It was decided to present organisations that would have liked to follow this route with two options: either choose Hobéon as validating authority after all, or wait until the next application period (which runs from 1 October 2024 to 1 April 2025) to see what alternative routes are then available.

All concerned regret that the entire process was not in place on time. We apologise and ask for your understanding for the circumstances. Through our website, newsletter and e-mails, we will keep you informed of developments and timely updates to the language table (expected date of next publication: 1 October 2024). Should this message raise any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Code of Conduct office.