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Introducing Frans Kuipers, member of the Commission

In every edition of this newsletter, a member of the Commission will introduce himself or herself to you, the reader, so you can convince yourself that this Commission, with its excessively lengthy name, is populated by real people. It will give you an insight into the themes and considerations in the work of the Commission. […]

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New survey: monitoring study progress and supervision of international students

An important article of the Code of Conduct is about monitoring the study progress of international students. This is Article 5.5, in which the standard has been set. But even more important is that this article expresses the duty of care the educational institutions feel they have towards the international students registered with them, as […]

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(Nederlands) Niet-limitatieve lijst met buitenlandse accreditatieorganisaties

Early 2017 the National Commission published a survey into the accreditation of study programmes. The survey showed that in addition to the NVAO accreditation, the educational institutions use accreditations given by foreign organizations. The main rule is that educational institutions offer international students study programmes accredited by the NVAO, but the Code of Conduct leaves […]

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