International Students Advisory Board

As of September 1 2023, the National Commission has appointed three new members to the International Students Advisory Board. This brings the council to full strength. The members introduce themselves to you in the text below.

Ato Mensah

Meet Ato, a vibrant student enrolled in the Communications program at HAN University of Applied Sciences. Ato is an exceptional individual with a deep-seated passion for creativity and a natural inclination towards embracing challenges. Originating from Ghana in West Africa, Ato’s diverse background enriches his unique perspective, enabling him to continually push boundaries and foster a comprehensive environment for fellow students. With previous experience in student leadership and a media professional career, Ato is well-equipped to advocate for the varied interests of international students, ensuring their needs are met effectively.


Miklós Papp

Hi everyone, my name is Miklós (21), I am from Hungary, and I study International Hospitality Management at NHL Stenden university of applied sciences. My goal to make international pupils feel at ease and accepted in the Dutch educational system drove me to apply for the Student Advisory Board (SAB). My main goal is to assist international students and raise awareness about their rights while studying in the Netherlands. Similarly, I expect that the SAB committee will do everything possible to improve internalization in Dutch institutions. We’re here to assist students!

Sarah Kuipers

My name is Sarah, and I come from a small city in Eastern Slovakia. I’m in my final year of International and European Law at The Hague University of Applied Sciences.
From the start, I’ve been on a mission to make a difference. My roles on the Faculty Council and the Legal Protection Desk have been pivotal in amplifying student voices. Additionally, my research endeavours have centred on enhancing student participation in university decision-making processes. Currently, I’m absorbing real-world lessons as an intern at the International Mediation Institute and as a human rights researcher at an NGO, Broken Chalk. With my legal training and hands-on experience, I’m motivated and prepared to tackle the challenges that international students face in the Netherlands.

Want to learn more about the International Students Advisory Board? Please visit our website: Student advisory board – internationalstudy