Successful seminar


On the 12th of October the seminar of the Code of Conduct took place in Utrecht. During the well-attended event there were extensive discussions on the operation of the Code between the educational institutions, the umbrella organizations and other interested parties. The purpose of the seminar was to jointly update the text of Code and improve it where necessary. Based on previous surveys in various consultative meetings with different parties and students and a written survey, a number of issues for improving the functioning of the Code was defined. These subjects were divided into themes: information provision, recruitment, building lasting ties with the Netherlands and international education. These issues were subject of the workshops during the seminar. Based on the outcome of this day, in the coming period we will be working on a final report and an update of the text of the Code. We will inform you through this website and via our newsletter.

You will find the presentations of the seminar here (in Dutch), and in the gallery (Dutch page) you will find an impression of the day!

seminar-evaluatie-gedragscode-2016 seminar-evaluatie-gedragscode-2016
internationaal-onderwijs-rug internationaal-onderwijs-rug
internationaal-onderwijs-nvao internationaal-onderwijs-nvao
workshop-werving workshop-werving