International Student Advisory Board

The Student Advisory Board (SAB) is in progress with creating, implementing and redesigning the structure of the functionality of the board. With meetings that will occur once every third month, to work together on the current status quo regarding the main pillars of the Code of Conduct. In addition to this, from the previous meetings, which were held in 2022 (September and November), the SAB had drafted long-term and short-term goals/objectives that were set to be achieved.

 That being the case, as of June 2023, to our pleasant surprise the SAB has achieved a few short term goals. Those goals being; creating a LinkedIn group for current and future members, an email address for communication with internal and external parties, drafting a plan with regards to meeting external parties and soon a draft plan regarding the Social Media Growth, which will be in the works. Although this has been a slow and steady progress, it is important to note that the beginning where the foundation is critical, is normally the most challenging, hence more time, patience and energy is needed from the board. For now the SAB is looking forward to the final meeting of the academic school year with the NC Board as well as the implementation of future plan(s) on representing international students in Dutch institutions whilst achieving both long-term and short-term goals.