Letter from National Commission: HE institutions’ admissions policy

In recent months the Commission has learned with great interest of the various policy documents concerning higher education, including the Interdepartmental Policy Research on Internationalization (IBO), the government response to the IBO and the letter in which the Minister of Education, Culture and Science sets out thepen en papier main points of the Strategic Agenda for Higher Education and Research. The Commission sets great store by the fact that the Minister underlines the added value of the internationalization of education, including higher education, and intends to develop policy that can contribute to the positive effects of internationalization. On the other hand, there is also a focus on the negative effects, which the Language and Accessibility Bill is intended to address. The Commission has outlined its perspective and expressed its concerns in a letter to the Minister. Some of the points that the Commission calls attention to result from the seminar that took place in 2018. This particularly concerns the educational institutions’ wish to gain more opportunities to control the influx of international students and the discrepancies between the Higher Education and Academic Research Act and the Aliens Act.

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