1 October 2024: Language Table update

We have been regularly updating you, including through these newsletters, about the progress of the planned revision of the language table. Article 5 of the latest version of the Code of Conduct (2024) provides for the introduction of the Higher Education Code of Conduct Language Table Standard for Language Tests. With this change, language test providers can now follow a procedure to seek inclusion in the language table. Between 1 October and 1 April every year, language test providers can submit a request for their language test to be included in the language table. This is followed by an assessment period, from April until October, during which the requests that were received are reviewed and a decision is made on the language tests selected for inclusion in the language table. By 1 October, education institutions will have clarity on which language tests they can accept from that point in conformity with the Code of Conduct for Higher Education.

Background of this is that the umbrella organisations have received a stream of requests from language test providers for inclusion in the language table over the years. They wanted a designated procedure by which to assess these requests. The National Commission and the umbrella organisations consider it important that this is done in an objective and conscientious manner, as is provided for in the new procedure (with standard and process description).

The first round of applications under the new procedure, with applications invited until 1 April 2024, has already taken place. Eight language test providers, both new providers as well as those already included in the language table, took part. Their applications are currently being assessed, after which an advisory report will be prepared for each application. In September, the Assessment Committee will receive the final advisory reports, allowing a decision to be made on which new providers will be added to the language table from 1 October 2024.

Through our website, newsletter and emails, we ensure that all the relevant parties stay informed about developments and receive updates regarding the language table. An updated language table will be published on 1 October each year. If you have any questions, please contact the Code of Conduct office. If your organisation is affiliated with one of the umbrella organisations (NRTO, UNL, VH), you can also contact your umbrella organisation’s policy adviser for more information.