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Application Register

If an institution of higher education wants to bring non-EU students to the Netherlands with a non-EU nationality who are obliged to have a residence permit, several conditions need to be met first. Inclusion in the Register of the Code of Conduct is one of the preconditions for being a recognized sponsor and for attracting students from outside the EU. Furthermore, inclusion in the Register is required if the institution of higher education wants to participate in the worldwide promotional activities of Dutch higher education by Nuffic.
An institution of higher education may submit a request for inclusion in the Register by completing and signing the application form. The application form can be sent to or to the Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs, Register Gedragscode, Postbus 260, 9700 AG Groningen.
When the Register Administrator has received the application, it will contact the institution and may ask for additional information. The Register Administrator will take a decision on your application.

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